Payment options

Payment options


Dear Customer,


In principle, you have the following payment options available to pay for your order:


Payment in advance

After receiving the order confirmation and the invoice number contained therein, you can pay for your order in advance. As soon as the purchase price has been credited to our account, the goods will be shipped to you.


Payment via Giropay

Giropay is an online payment method used by some banks in the German banking industry, which is based on online banking transfers and has been specifically optimized for the requirements of online trading. When paying, you will be taken securely and directly from the online shop to the online banking of your bank or savings bank. Here you log in as usual with your access data. After you have successfully logged in, you will automatically be shown a transfer containing all the details of the purchase. To carry out the transfer, you now only need to enter a TAN. For your security, you will immediately receive confirmation of successful payment. At the same time, the merchant receives a payment guarantee from your bank or savings bank. This way you will receive your goods even faster.


Klarna instant transfer

The Klarna Sofort payment option is a direct transfer procedure. In the checkout area, please select the payment option “Klarna Sofort Pay” and select “Sofortüberweisung”. Your online banking details are entered on Sofort GmbH’s secure payment page. First select your country and then determine the bank that accepts the payment To carry out the transfer, simply enter your BIC, bank code or the name of your bank.


Payment by invoice (Klarna)

When purchasing on account, you first receive the goods and then pay. To process this payment option, we work with Klarna, a partner who specializes in purchasing on account. With Klarna Invoice you never have to provide your account details and you only pay once you have received the goods. So you can shop safely, quickly and conveniently. Simply select payment by invoice in our ordering process.


Payment by installments (Klarna)

With Klarna installment purchase, you first receive the goods and finance the purchase through Klarna in fixed or flexible installments over a period of up to 24 months.

To do this, you decide to purchase Klarna in installments directly at the checkout and select the desired installment payment as a payment option, if listed. You will then receive a monthly statement and you can decide for yourself how much you would like to pay, but at least the amount stated on the monthly statement. The outstanding amount can be repaid in full at any time.

When you use Klarna Installment Purchase for the first time, an account will be created for you, which will also be used to bill subsequent installment purchases.

Please make sure to always use the same email address when purchasing Klarna installments, otherwise it may result in multiple installment purchases being completed.


Klarna direct debit

If you would like to pay by direct debit, select the “Pay immediately” option and the “Direct debit” payment method at checkout. Then log in to your bank. The debit will take place automatically from your account a few days later. Klarna remembers the bank details. If you pay later, the purchase can be made with 1 click.


Payment via SEPA direct debit

In contrast to bank transfers, the payment process for direct debits is not initiated by the payer, but by the payee. Due to the lower effort for the payer and the planning security for the seller, direct debit is very popular as a payment method. All that is required is a direct debit order from the customer to the seller, which the customer can of course revoke at any time.


Payment via PayPal

The PayPal payment method allows you to pay safely, easily and quickly in online shops. The purchase amount will be immediately transferred to our bank account. This way you will receive your goods even faster. The prerequisite for paying with PayPal is a free registered user account with PayPal. Customers who do not have their own Paypal account can pay with a credit or debit card.

Further information about PayPal and the option to register can be found at


Payment via PayPal Checkout

You can pay with us using PayPal Checkout. PayPal Checkout offers you the usual payment options without having to leave our webshop. You don't need your own PayPal account. Further information about PayPal Checkout can be found at


Shopify Payments

In the checkout area you can choose between different payment options via Shopify Payments:

You have options for paying by credit card, PayPal, Meta Pay, Amazon Pay and Apple Pay.


Payment by invoice

When purchasing on account, you first receive the goods and then pay. Simply select payment by invoice in our ordering process. You will then find all the necessary information in the invoice you sent.



Apple Pay

Pay even more securely and quickly with Apple Pay!

Apple Pay does not store your card number on your device or Apple servers, nor does it store any data about your transaction. This means you can pay securely in stores, apps and online. Very easy.

Pay via Safari browser or with your Apple device.


Google Pay

Google Pay. The simple and quick way to pay in stores, in apps or on the web. You can also collect rewards from Google partners and save your favorite cards - all in one place.

Your data remains safe and protected.